Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Third Circuit Averages 12 Months To Complete An Appeal

Basic statistics about the Third Circuit -- these statistics seem to be for all cases, not purely immigration appeals: 3,599 appeals pending in December 2005 (this ranks 6th out of 11 circuits).

Time to render decisions in Third Circuit cases: around 12 months for calendar year 2005 (this ranks as the 7th longest out of 11 circuits) from when the litigant files a notice of appeal until the court issues its decision. The average times are 5.5 months from filing the notice of appeal to filing the last brief, 3.9 months from then until the hearing or submission of the case, when there is a hearing it averages 3 months for a decision and when the case is merely submitted it averages 2.1 months for a decision. The total average time is 12 months.

Odds that the Third Circuit will have oral argument on a case rather than take it on submission: in calendar year 2005, the Third Circuit rendered a decision in 524 cases where it held a hearing and in 1,843 cases where it took the case on submission.


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