Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Third Circuit Jurists' Blogs

I hope people are enjoying the free spirit of blogging Third Circuit immigration decisions. The opinions themselves are available for free (just visit the Third Circuit web site) and I hope these quick commentaries and summaries will help people follow the Third Circuit's immigration rulings. (There's no quick link on the Third Circuit's web site for just immigration decisions.)

If you have suggestions or comments, please use the comment option on the blog to leave your input.

Speaking of blogs, H. Lee Sarokin has just started his own blog! He was a judge on the Third Circuit Court of Appeals until 1996. His blog is called X-judge and you can find it at http://w-judge.blogspot.com

His first two postings are on excellent topics: the cases of Jose Padilla and Maher Arar. Those cases strengthen the argument why the exclusionary rule should be applied in immigration court. That issue is being raised in an appeal before the Third Circuit.


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