Monday, April 26, 2010

Judges Joseph Greenaway and Thomas Vanaskie Join The Third Circuit

Welcome and congraulations to Judges Joseph Greenaway and Thomas Vanaskie for completing the confirmation process for the Third Circuit!

Judge Joseph Greenaway's confirmation is old news by now, having been confirmed 84-0 by the Senate in February 2010. Here is what we noted about Judge Greenaway last year after President Obama nominated him:

Judge Thomas Vanaskie's confirmation is recent. He was confirmed 77-20 by the Senate on April 21, 2010. We blogged about one not-precedential Third Circuit immigration case where he participated by designation:

As a district court judge, Judge Vanaskie ruled in 2008 in a district court case that forced the government to honor the legal rights of an immigrant (Mr. Khouzam) who feared being tortured if he were deported. Judge Vanaskie compelled the government to comply with United States law, which included legislation that implemented a treaty the United States ratified in 1994. The government appealed Judge Vanaskie's ruling and the Third Circuit not only upheld it, the Third Circuit also described Judge Vanaskie as having written a comprehensive, thoughtful opinion. Here is a blog posting about the Third Circuit's ruling:

Welcome, Judges Greenaway and Vanaskie! We look forward to your rulings in Third Circuit immigration cases.


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